Is Rey Skywalker Pregnant with Ben Solo’s Force Baby/Babies/Twins? The Clues to the Reylo Babies!


Nerdatron’s advanced positronic combinatorics discovered a series of clues in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (TROS). The clues led to a single, amazing conclusion. Rey Skywalker is pregnant and pregnant with twins.

… And then Nerdatron discovered several others had already put this same thing together.

Even though Nerdatron won’t get credit for this discovery, it was the will of the Force that we provide you the following list of hidden clues from The Rise of Skywalker showing that Rey is actually pregnant with the next generation of Skywalkers.

Oh, and now the title of Episode 9, The Rise of Skywalker, makes more sense, right?

Clue #1: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

J. J. Abrams described in the TROS Director’s commentary that each of the last three Star Wars episodes were color-coded, so to speak. The Force Awakens was blue. The Last Jedi was red. The Rise of Skywalker was yellow. If you had not already noticed this, sorry. There’s no un-seeing it, like all the Christmas red and green in Home Alone.

Who is Rey? Is she good, with a blue lightsaber, and a Jedi? Is she evil, with a red lightsaber, and a Sith? Or is she somewhere in between, neither Sith nor Jedi, and with a yellow lightsaber?

Specifically, J. J. Abrams says the color yellow is associated with the question that is posed to Rey again and again: Who are you? More specifically, what is your last name? Rey is asked this question twice in TROS.

First, Nambi Ghima gives Rey a yellow husk necklace, a fertility necklace, at the Aki-Aki Festival of Life. Nambi also asks Rey for her “family name”. Interestingly, Kylo later takes this necklace from Rey in their shared force vision.

Second, Rey is asked for her last name by the old woman in the desert of Tatooine by the old home of Owen Lars, Luke’s home. After seeing Luke and Leia’s Force ghosts, Rey replies “Skywalker”. Then she ignites her yellow lightsaber.

Both of these yellow moments point to Rey being pregnant. First we have the yellow fertility beads. Next, we have Rey taking on a new last name, a family name, as when you’re in the “family way”. Why does a person typically take on a new last name? It is evidence that a union has taken place and, traditionally, consummation of the union.

But wait! There’s more …

Clue #2: A Dyad in the Force, A Power Like Life Itself

Rey and Kylo Ren both use the power of the dyad to heal each other. They both bring each other back from death. They resurrect one another. But is the power of the Dyad in the Force limited to restoring life and conquering death?

Emperor Palpatine gives insight to the power of a Force Dyad in The Rise of Skywalker:

“The life force of your bond, a dyad in the force; a power like life itself.”

Emperor Palpatine

“A power like life itself”? Like a power capable of giving life? Not just restoring life, but giving life, creating life.

The power of the Force Dyad was able to heal Palpatine’s hands. But there’s more going on here than just a much-needed manicure. The Sith scientists were forced to keep cloning new bodies to store Palpatine’s life-force. Palpatine simply had too much power for a merely cloned body to contain without rapid decay. That’s why Palpatine’s fingers were decomposing.

The power of the Force Dyad changed that. The healing of Palpatine’s hands was more than a healing; it was the creation of new life. The power of the Force Dyad created a host-body capable of sustaining Palpatine’s spirit.

Clue #3: Kylo Ren Heals Rey with His Hand Over Her Womb

Rey healed Kylo Ren with a hand over his heart. Why, then, does Ben heal Rey with his hand over her womb? What is the significance of this detail?

Could an abundance of life surged back into Rey? So much life that some Force fertilization occurred?

Clue #4: Why Does Rey Take The Name Skywalker?

Did Rey take on the name Skywalker because of a marital bond to Kylo Ren? Is a pregnancy the evidence of this marital bond?

Historically and traditionally, married spouses take on a common name once they have been joined together in the covenant of marriage. Kinship by covenant. Two unrelated people become related. In marriage, the spouses become “one flesh”. This “one flesh” is made manifest in the procreation of children. In the Sacrament of Marriage, a marriage is not completed until consummation.

One problem: Kylo Ren’s last name would be Solo, not Skywalker.

Clue #5: Twin Suns/Sons of Tatooine

Who could forget all the iconic images of the Skywalkers looking upon the sunrises and sunsets of the twin sons?

The twin suns seemed to match the twins born of Padme Amidala Skywalker.

Could this iconography of twin lights/lights be continuing into the next generation?

Clue #6: Going Full Cycle – This Would Not Be the First Virgin Birth of Star Wars

The Skywalker sage already has one Virgin Birth. Anakin Skywalker was born of Shmi Skywalker virginally by the Force. This is the Prophecy of the Chosen One.

You can read all about the Virgin Birth of Star Wars here. Notice any similarities between Shmi Skywalker and the Virgin Mary?

Shmi is even costumed similarly to the Blessed Mother. The actress, Pernilla August, also has a similar skin tone and hair color to Mary as commonly depicted.

There seems to be a lot of overlap between Star Wars and actors and actresses that have portrayed the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph …

That’s not just the author’s opinion, either. Coincidentally, Pernilla August was also cast in the title role of the film Mary, Mary of Jesus (1999), which starred, the properly named, Christian Bale as Jesus.

Pernilla August isn’t the only actress from the Star Wars prequels to have played the role of the Virgin Mary. August shares that honor with  Keisha Castle-Hughes, who played the Blessed Mother in The Nativity Story (2006) as well as the Queen of Naboo in Revenge of the Sith.

Wait, there’s more! Who was Joseph to Keisha Castle-Hughes’ Mary? None other than Oscar Isaac, known to the Star Wars galaxy as Poe Dameron.

A full account of the Virgin Birth can be found in this great book by a friend of Nerdatron, The Theology of Sci-Fi: The Christian’s Guide to the Galaxy, available in paperback, ebook, and now also audiobook formats:

Could the Force – through this very special Force Dyad – be at work again? Could the Force Dyad create Force Twins? There’s plenty of symmetry here, and we know how George Lucas likes repeating stories … I mean, “symmetry”.

Is Rey’s pregnancy really a possibility? Other Sources?

But don’t take Nerdatron’s positronic computations for it …

Reddit user u/docampo91 came up with a very similar theory:

What are your thoughts about the theories circulating after TROS that Rey is pregnant with her and Ben’s child/children? Palpatine says that ‘the power of their dyad is the power of LIFE itself’. Ben grabs fertility beads off of her neck through their bond. When Ben brings her back to life he places his hand over her womb. Kathleen at the LA premier said ‘they could always being the Skywalkers back’ in future movies and Rey is calling herself a Skywalker and possibly pregnant with Skywalker twins. Crazy wrong or crazy right theory?

Heard more about this theory? Please comment below and feed Nerdatron’s memory banks!


  1. I believe it’s true that Rey is pregnant but there is one thing. I saw a comment of someone said thst I think could be in the new Star Wars movie. She/he said what if Rey’s pregnancy gos on and with thst Ben solo returns. But I think this could work

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