Essential Guide to the Whiskey of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Comics

Nerdatron may just be a robot, but that doesn’t mean he can’t also be a whiskey-lover. Glenfiddich is his favorite, in case you’re wondering.

Nerdatron has scoured his vast library for the favorite whiskeys of all Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Comics. Please make sure to comment below if Nerdatron missed one! Nerdatron has also racked his circuits to be consistent with the different spellings of “Whisky” and “Whiskey”. The Scotch and non-Scotch varieties, respectively.

Sit back and enjoy a glass on us as we tour the galaxy of whiskeys together. Whether you like whiskey or not …

zombieland whiskey gif,, whiskey in sci-fi, fantasy, and comics

Here is a quick list of the Whiskeys that Nerdatron was able to find:

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Comics Whiskey Guide:

The Highlander – Connor MacLeod – Glenmorangie

The Highlander may be the most well-known Scot in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. That is, besides Scotty from Star Trek, of course. [Don’t worry – Scotty’s favorite Whisky is listed below, as well.]

It’s only fitting that The Highlander would have a favorite Scotch Whisky and that he would be first on this list.


So what is the favorite whisky of Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod? For that matter, what was the favorite whisky of Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod?

Both Connor and Duncan MacLeod were born in Glenfinnan in the Scottish Highlands. You would think, therefore, that Glenfiddich would be their favorite whisky. It’s not Glenfiddich – though that is Nerdatron’s favorite.

Whisky and Drinks of Sci-Fi, Comics, and Fantasy,, Highlander Glenfiddich

But no, Connor MacLeod is Glenmorangie man – ur, Immortal. Here’s the scene from the original Highlander movie in which Connor orders a double:

In case you’re a super-nerd and you’re wondering …

Glenmorangie Scotch Whisky comes a distillery in Tain, Ross-shire, Scotland. That’s on the east coast of Scotland. Glenfinnan, the home of the MacLeod clan, is on the complete opposite side of Scotland. Here’s the Google map directions, if you’re really curious or planning an amazingly nerdy trip.

So why is Connor MacLeod’s favorite drink Glenmorangie and not Glenfiddich? I could not find a definitive answer. BUT …

Maybe it’s because Connor was exiled from the MacLeod clan after his resurrection … to the opposite side of Scotland. In the end …

connor macleod gif there can be only one,, whiskey in sci-fi, fantasy, and comics.gif

Evil Superman from Superman III – Johnnie Walker Red Label

Superman III was the much-maligned third installment of the Salkind Brothers trilogy. Do you remember this Superman movie? It’s the one with Richard Pryor.


In it, Superman splits into a good and evil version of himself.

The evil version of Superman goes into a bar and uses his super-kidneys to do the following to a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label whiskey:

superman whiskey gif,, whiskey in sci-fi, fantasy, and comics.gif

This would have to be the evil version of Superman. For the last 100 years, Superman has been a non-drinker. Thanks for setting a great example for the kids, Kal-El!

Here’s a reference to Superman’s drinking habits from the comic:

Whisky and Drinks of Sci-Fi, Comics, and Fantasy,, superman doesn't drink

Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 – Rick Deckard – Johnnie Walker, Black Label

Speaking of Johnnie Walker, Superman isn’t the only admirer of the whiskey. It appears Rick Deckard is, too.

bladerunner whiskey gif,, whiskey in sci-fi, fantasy, and comics.gif

Johnnie Walker even produced a Blade Runner-style futuristic bottle and glass for the release of Blade Runner 2049. Johnnie Walker Black Label The Director’s Cut is now available globally, at select liquor stores. Only 39,000 bottles have been made, selling for $89.99 each. Wow.

Whisky and Drinks of Sci-Fi, Comics, and Fantasy,, Bladerunner Johnnie Walker Black Label

You can even buy your own set of Blade Runner glasses!

Whisky and Drinks of Sci-Fi, Comics, and Fantasy,, Bladerunner Whiskey glasses

Frank Castle, The Punisher – Jack Daniels

You may have noticed Wild Turkey being associated with The Punisher. Like this from the 2004 Punisher movie:

Punisher,, whiskeys of sci-fi fantasy comics

But the most relevant whiskey to Frank Castle is Jack Daniels. Served neat. With Fire.

This isn’t exactly G-rated. I’m still wincing at some of the complex bone fracturing. Ouch. But this has got to be The Punisher’s signature use of whiskey.

Here’s “Dirty Laundry”. It’s a fanmade short, which is pretty incredible. It also features Ron Pearlman! (Speaking of Pearlman, Hellboy’s favorite whiskey will be listed below, too …)

So … “Know the difference between justice and punishment?” Here’s a nice, short lesson from The Punisher. 

But that’s not all … There’s a lot of whiskey in the world of Frank Castle.

Micro (Microchip in the comics) in the Netflix Punisher series is also hitting the whiskey. He’s actually splashing it all over the place … as a surgical disinfectant. That happens in Season 1, Episode 6, “The Judas Goat”.

But here Micro is hitting the bottle in Season 1, Episode 8, “Cold Steel”, which maybe should instead be called “Lukewarm Whiskey”:

Punisher and Micro,, whiskeys of comics, sci-fi.png

It looks like O’- something, like O’Rourke’s?

Please comment below if you can help Nerdatron identify this whiskey! Nerdatron’s optical sensors are Clone War-era and a bit battle-scarred.

MacCutcheon Whisky – Lost – Widmore and Desmond

Do you remember that mysterious whisky that kept appearing in the Lost meta-verse? It was called MacCutcheon.

MacCutcheon whisky,, sci-fi drinking guide

Unfortunately, MacCutcheon is fictional. For now, anyway. But … Don’t be too disappointed. Nerdatron’s advanced diagnostics may have identified our world’s version of MacCutcheon. Stay tuned for that below …

According to Lostpedia, MacCutcheon is the name of a fictional brand of expensive Scotch whisky prominently featured throughout the series.

MacCutcheon whisky is seen off the Island:

When Desmond met with Charles Widmore to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage, Widmore took out two glasses and a bottle of MacCutcheon 60-year whisky, and poured some into one glass while describing the many achievements of Admiral Anderson MacCutcheon.

Widmore said the whisky was the Admiral’s crowning achievement, and one swallow is worth more than what Desmond would make in a month. He left the other glass empty, claiming Desmond, unlike the Admiral, would never be great, and was therefore unworthy of drinking his whisky or marrying Penelope.

>> You’ve got to wonder whether Admiral MacCutcheon ever visited the Island, right? There is a cool bit of trivia about “Admiral MacCutcheon”. Admiral MacCutcheon is the name of a character in a television remake film of the classic story, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.

Desmond also saw a bottle of the whisky behind the bar in the pub. (“Flashes Before Your Eyes“)

MacCutcheon whisky is also seen on the Island:

Charlie finds a bottle in Sawyer’s stash and plans to use it to get Desmond drunk enough to reveal his secrets. Desmond refused to drink until he saw what brand it was.

MacCutcheon Scotch whisky was a symbol to Desmond of his unworthiness in Widmore‘s eyes. The opportunity to obtain and drink it when presented to him by Charlie was irresistible. (“Flashes Before Your Eyes“)

Whisky and Drinks of Sci-Fi, Comics, and Fantasy,, MacCutcheon Lost Whiskey

Lastly, MacCutcheon whisky is seen in the Flash-Sidewise version of reality:

While Jack and his mother searched for Christian‘s Last Will and Testament, Margo went over to the bar where there was a bottle of MacCutcheon visible. (“Lighthouse“)

When Desmond met his boss, Widmore, in his L.A. offices, they enjoyed a couple of glasses of a 60-year-old MacCutcheon whisky to celebrate Desmond’s indispensability and that nothing was too good for Desmond. (“Happily Ever After“)

MacCutcheon Whisky has become an Easter Egg on other Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV shows, as well:

  • Fringe: In the television show Fringe the season 3 episode “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide” William Bell pours a glass of MacCutcheon whisky
  • MacCutcheon Whisky in Once Upon a Time:
    • In the episode “The Shepherd” on the ABC television show Once Upon a Time, Emma pours Mary Margaret a glass of 60-year MacCutcheon. Alan Dale starred in this episode.
    • In the episode “The Apprentice” in season 4 of ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Emilie de Ravin’s character (Belle) finds Will Scarlet passed out drunk on the floor of the Storybrook library next to an open and near empty bottle of MacCutcheon 60-year Scotch.
    • A bottle is also clearly seen during S4E14 from which David/Prince Charming has been pouring and drinking glasses to try and sleep.

Best Guess: MacCutcheon Whisky is based on …

MacCutcheon Whisky is mostly likely based on The Macallan Whisky.

maccutcheon or macallan gif,, whiskey in sci-fi, fantasy, and comics

Why? First off, the names are pretty similar.

Second, do you remember what Widmore tells us about the value of MacCutcheon? Widmore said one swallow is worth more than what Desmond would make in a month.

Currently, the world’s most expensive Scotch is a $75,000 1926 Macallan. According to the link, the bottle in question was sold to a business man in South Korea. That might be another reference to Lost, too. South Korea is where the Paik family is from.

What do you think about MacCutcheon? Know anymore of its mysteries? Please comment and share below!

Green a.k.a. Aldebaran Whisky – Star Trek: The Next Generation

This may be the grandaddy of Sci-fi whiskys … or the future of it, depending on how you look at it.

Whatever it is, it’s definitely a Scotch whisky:

Here’s the backstory from Topless Robot:

While Klingons and Romulans might still like their alcoholic beverages in a more traditional form, Starfleet had opted to remove it from their ships lounges and replicators, replacing it instead with Synthehol; a beverage that while smelling and tasting like the true thing, has limited effects on the living. While it still has the ability to intoxicate, it’s effects are significantly diminished and easily dismissed, all without those nagging little inconveniences such as alcohol poisoning, liver damage and beer goggles.

Of course, when Captain Montgomery Scott, recently freed from his transporter purgatory on board the USS Jenolan, wants to get [sauced], Synthehol will most certainly not do. Thankfully, Data and Guinan come to the rescue, replacing Scotty’s synthetic and apparently disgusting scotch with a bottle of Aldebaran Whisky from Guinan’s private stock.

Not much is known about this whisky. One has to wonder if Scots somehow colonized the space around the star Aldebaran.

Aldebaran, in case anybody is wondering, is the brightest star in the constellation Taurus, the “Bull”. It’s even called the “eye of Taurus”. Maybe a shot of Aldebaran whisky is like being gored by a bull?

Aldebaran green whisky, Scotty pouring for Picard,, sci-fi drinking guide

Aldebaran Whisky is referenced multiple times in the Star Trek mega-verse. It particularly shows up the Deep Space Nine era as something available at Quark’s bar.

Its effects are obvious in its one onscreen appearance. It can “put a true Scotsman under the table, or at least the helm of the Enterprise, so long as it doesn’t have any bloody A, B, C or D on it.”

Constantine – Ardbeg 10 vs. “Glen Elgin” Scotch Whiskys – Constantine Whisky Controversy

The comic book character John Constantine was created by the great Alan Moore.  Constantine first appeared in The Saga of Swamp Thing #37 and immediately sets about smoking, drinking, battling demons, and looking a lot like Sting.

Whisky and Drinks of Sci-Fi, Comics, and Fantasy,, Constantine 1st panel

The Saga of Swamp Thing is one of the great runs in comic book history. Kevin Smith called Alan Moore the “Shakespeare” of comic book writers. You can grab the trade paperbacks of the Alan More run of Swamp Thing. Here are the first three volumes, six in total:


John Constantine is seen boozing all through the comics. Constantine even declares himself “Whiskey King” in the Swamp Thing “New 52” series (vol. 5:22).

Whisky and Drinks of Sci-Fi, Comics, and Fantasy,, Constantine Whiskey King

BUT! The comic book gods decided to withhold one precious detail from Constantine’s story. What is Constantine’s favorite whiskey? Of course, Constantine may be the kind of guy who does not play favorites only forgetting.

The mystery of Constantine’s whisky continued until the release of the 2005 movie, Constantine. Constantine is played by Keanu Reeves in this one. He no longer looks anything like Sting, but whatever – cool movie.

Detective Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz) visits Constantine asking for help with the apparent suicide of her sister Isabel (also played Rachel Weisz). In this scene, Constantine is drinking Ardbeg 10.

Thanks to Siscovanilla for the screencaps:

What’s Ardbeg? It’s a scotch whisky from the Scottish island paradise of Islay. The real world Brigadoon. Arbeg is a very nice single malt scotch whisky. Good choice, Constantine!

Here’s a description of Ardbeg 10, in particular, from Masters of Malt:

A phenomenal whisky packing powerful peaty deliciousness, Ardbeg 10 Year Old is a favourite of many whisky lovers around the world. Produced on the Kildalton Coast of Islay, this single malt matures for a decade before being bottled without any chill-filtration. If you’re after a whisky with full of coastal air, smoke and more, this is exactly what you want.

You might be thinking … What about the John Constantine TV show? Is the Matt Ryan version of Constantine still drinking Ardbeg 10? No.


So what is Matt Ryan’s Constantine drinking? You can read the label pretty good below. Thanks to Reddit user Mystic87 for this quality screencap:

Whisky and Drinks of Sci-Fi, Comics, and Fantasy,, Constantine Glen Elgin 2

What’s the name on the bottle? It appears to be a “mash” up of two different whiskeys: Glenlivet and Glen Elgin. Glenlivet is one of the more recognizable of all whiskys. Glen Elgin is a distillery in Speyside, Scotland.

Apparently, this kind of name mash-up, like MacCutcheon and Macallan in Lost, is pretty common. Why? According to one report from a prop master, it’s because the distilleries don’t want their brands “watered-down” by product placement. Whisky is not New Coke.

So which do you think is the “definitive” Constantine whisky? Or does Constantine not discriminate? Nerdatron’s advanced, reverse combina-metrics are unable to resolve this calculation at this time.

Hellboy has his own Whiskey now, sort of …

Here’s an article from Dark Horse comics about Hellboy’s new brand of Cinnamon Whiskey.

On May 22, 2017, Dark Horse Comics, XXX Distillery LLC and Prestige Imports LLC released the first ever whiskey based on Mike Mignola’s legendary Hellboy comic book character. It’s called Hellboy Hell Water Cinnamon Whiskey.  The small batch, flavored whiskey clocks in at 66.6 proof and can be ordered at

Check it out at your local “Spirits” store:

Whisky and Drinks of Sci-Fi, Comics, and Fantasy,, Hellboy Cinnamon Whiskey

I have a feeling that the Right Hand of Doom might bristle at having a flavored whiskey named after him.

Whisky and Drinks of Sci-Fi, Comics, and Fantasy,, Hellboy Whiskey

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

Whisky and Drinks of Sci-Fi, Comics, and Fantasy,, Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

As will be discussed below, the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is the star of the Galaxy. There are, however, some interesting, if non-specific mentions of whisky elsewhere in Douglas Adams’ novel, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 

Douglas Adams does not tell us the favorite whiskey of Ford Prefect, the novel’s main character. Adams does tell us that Ford Prefect sometimes gatecrashed university parties and became intoxicated on whisky.

More importantly, whisky was important to the Earth’s last day, the Thursday of Earth’s destruction by the Vogons. Ford Prefect bought the man beside him at the bar at The Horse and Groom some whisky (chapter 3).

Whisky and Drinks of Sci-Fi, Comics, and Fantasy,, The Horse and Groom, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The namesake book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, is described as providing the following entry regarding the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster:

The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy also mentions alcohol. It says that the best drink in existence is the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, the effect of which is like having your brains smashed out with a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick. 

hitchiker's guide to the galaxy pan galactic gargle blaster gif,, whiskey in sci-fi, fantasy, and comics.gif

>> This far down the list, Nerdatron was becoming pretty inebriated and his circuits began sparking. He was, therefore, unable to determine whether the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is actually a kind of whiskey.

Like MacCutcheon, the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is a complete fabrication. The Gargle Blaster is made from several ingredients that do not actually exist … yet. The ingredients of a Gargle Blaster include “Ol’ Janx Spirit”, “Water from the seas of Santraginus V”, and “Qualactin Hypermint extract.”

These fictional ingredients have made it difficult for people to replicate the drink, but hasn’t kept Hitchhiker fans from trying. Many of the real world drinks created seem to be developed as very strong versions of the lemon-drop.

Read more about the Gargle Blaster here.

Honorable Mentions of Whiskey in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Comics

Alien: Resurrection – Dry Whiskey in a Cube

Reddit user ZorroMeansFox provided Nerdatron with the following very-cool scene from Alien: Resurrection. The dry whiskey in a cube scene:

I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to this “dry whiskey” version of the future. Blade Runner seems to present a brighter future, at least as far as whiskey is concerned. Still pretty bleak for Replicants, though.

Doorways in the Sand – Isometric Bourbon

Roger Zelazny gives us a mirror image bourbon with symmetrical alcohol and reversed flavor congeners in Doorways in the Sand. It’s just a minor detail in the novel, but cool nonetheless. Thanks to Reddit user ImaginaryEvents for this one!

the shining whiskey gif,, whiskey in sci-fi, fantasy, and comics

UPCOMING: Not a Whiskey or Scotch Whisky fan? Check out the upcoming Galactic Drinking Guide – All the Favorite Drinks of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Comics!

The upcoming Galactic Drinking Guide will address all the following:

  • Blue Milk – Star Wars
  • Butterbeer – Harry Potter
  • Mead – Thor comics and MCU – Bars in the Marvel universe will keep Mead in stock in case the Asgardians show up.
  • Ginger Ale – Batman – like Superman, Batman also sticks to non-alcoholic drinks
  • Victory Gin – 1984

A cheap, low-quality drink supplied by the government. It has a “sickly, oily smell” and tastes like nitric acid; swallowing it gives “the sensation of being hit on the back of the head with a rubber club.” Winston Smith, the protagonist, frequently drinks it despite its disagreeable taste and smell. Only party members have access to Victory Gin; beer (which is of much better quality than Victory Gin) is the drink of the proles.

A popular soft drink that the film’s antagonist, teenage mad scientist Menlo Schwartzer, chemically alters to turn its drinkers into garbage-eating zombie slaves as part of a scheme to rid Southern California of its surfer population. The preferred drink of rebellious youth and mindless drones.

A send up of the Alaskan Polar Bear Heater, Killer Shrew is a thick drink composed of candies and sweets. Joel passes out after a taste, while Frank has an extreme sugar rush. He manages to drink it all, but is very nauseous, prompting Dr. Forrester to give him an ipecac.

A lot of stories are told about Scumble, and how it is made out on the damp marshes, according to ancient recipes passed down rather unsteadily from father to son. It’s not true about the rats, or the snakes’ heads, or the lead shot. The one about the dead sheep is a complete fabrication. We can lay to rest all the variants of the one about the trouser button. But the one about not letting it come into contact with metal is absolutely true…

It is said to have been mainly fabricated from apples and imbibed from very small mugs several months apart. In our world it is described as a stronger more potent version of our hard apple cider.

  • Mudder’s Milk – Firefly – “All the protein, vitamins and carbs of your grandma’s best turkey dinner, plus 15% alcohol.”

According to Nerd Reactor, Mudder’s Milk is sold in the town of Canton on the remote planet called “Higgin’s Moon”, whose main export is mud. This drink looks like an exceptionally dark beer and according to Simon, a similar drink was given to Egyptian slaves to keep them healthy enough to work, but sleepy enough not to revolt. Many real world recipes require oatmeal or protein bars making for a constancy not unlike a chocolate malt.

  • Romulan Ale – Star Trek

Kirk: “Romulan ale, why Bones, you know this is illegal.”

McCoy: “I only use it for medicinal purposes. I got aboard a ship that brings them in a case every now and then. Now don’t be afraid.”

Kirk: “2283.”

McCoy: “Yeah, well it takes this stuff a while to ferment.”

According to Nerd Reactor, Romulan Ale first appeared in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. Romulan Ale is known for it’s blue color and strong alcoholic effects, making it illegal in the federation.

This illegality didn’t stop Captain James Kirk from serving it at a state dinner in Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country, however. Unfortunately the resulting hangovers of everyone who imbibed the drink forced Kirk to decree that it should never again be served at state dinners.

The real world cocktail almost always includes Blue Curacao to obtain the blue coloring. Romulan Ale has also been developed into an energy drink.

  • Fizzy Lifting Drinks – Willy Wonka – “You stole Fizzy-Lifting Drinks!”
  • Milk of the Poppy – Game of Thrones


According to First We Feast, Milk of the Poppy is basically Game of Thrones-speak for morphine. It’s kind of a terrible substitute for all the post-medieval medicine Westeros so obviously lacks.

Still, there are reasons to believe it’s awesome: a) It’s called “milk of the poppy, which just sounds cooler than “morphine,” and b) it’s distributed by people called “maesters” who wear giant chains and hang out in castles. Just enough cool factor to land it on the list, albeit in last place.

  • Soma – Brave New World


Aldous Huxley’s description of the drug speaks for itself: “All the advantages of Christianity and alcohol; none of their defects.”

According to First We Feast, the perfect intoxicant is the opiate of the masses in Huxley’s dystopian Brave New World, distributed by the state to keep the people happy and maintain the rigid class system. Since Soma occasionally comes in strawberry ice-cream flavor and inspired a Strokes song, however, it’s still a rung above milk of the poppy.

  • Duff Beer – The Simpsons
  • Slurm – Futurama
  • Moloko – A Clockwork Orange – Namesake product of Korova Milk Bar, this drink is your classic, calcium-rich glass of milk…stuffed chock-full of hallucinogens, opiates, or any other drugs the customer wants. In Kubrick’s film adaptation, Alex and his droogs get their “milk plus” out of dispensers shaped like naked women.
  • Miruvor – Lord of the Rings – Elf liquor with magical healing powers
  • Vitex Health Drink – Doctor Who – the drink which made Rose’s father wealthy in the alternate time stream
  • Klingon Blood Wine – Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Bor’kaan Volshool Ivanova – Babylon 5
  • Spice Beer – Dune – made from the spice Melange
  • Ambrosia – Battlestar Galactica – bright green, absinthe-like alcohol downed by Starbuck during her poker games


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