What are all the Items in Batman’s Trophy Room? Ranked!

Nerdatron is busy creating a Sci-Fi time travel romp in which the Batcave makes an appearance, because … why not?

Enjoy the following tour of Batman’s Trophy Room!

Enjoy some vistas of the Batcave as you’re waiting in line for the tour … and waiting for that pesky docent/guide to show up.

And the classic Detective Comics version:

16. Suit of Sorrows

The Suit of Sorrows is an arcane suit of armor worn by the agents of the Order of St. Dumas. The suit of armor was created during the Crusades in 1190 and was forged from the melted blades and armor of several soldiers of the Order of St. Dumas who had fallen in battle. The Suit was originally designed to be worn by the Order of Purity’s champion, Azrael, but it was always in exchange of a great personal price.

The Suit of Sorrows was originally given to Sir Geoffrey de Cantonna who was reputed to be pure of heart, but the suit drove him insane. Sir Cantonna then slaughtered several hundred people in a remote Alpine valley and then blamed the Moors.

Talia al Ghul later bestowed the suit on Batman. The suit made Batman significantly stronger and faster, but stopped using it when it began corrupting. Unable to destroy the artifact, Batman instead chose to store the Suit of Sorrows in the Batcave’s Trophy Room.

15. Lex Luthor’s Kryptonite Ring

Yeah, Batman keeps a Kryptonite ring as an insurance policy against the Man of Steel.

This story of a ring begins when Lex Luthor discovered that the villain Metallo was powered by a heart made of Kryptonite. Luthor fashioned a Kryptonite ring for himself from part of Metallo’s heart and wore it at all times to keep Superman away from him.

Unfortunately, this exposed Luthor to low levels of Kryptonite radiation and he developed cancer. The cancer was spreading from his ring finger, so Luthor amputated his arm and replaced it with a cybernetic prosthetic. Luthor hid this under a black leather glove like a proper villain.

Batman keeps the Kryptonite ring as a nuclear option in case Superman becomes possessed. But that’s never happened before, right? Nope, remember when Darkseid brainwashed Superman? The Kryptonite ring has proved “handy” on more than one occasion.

14. Letter From Thomas Wayne

Thomas Wayne’s murder reverberates through every Batman timeline. Bruce Wayne’s grief is crystallized in a letter he received from his father, Thomas Wayne, from an alternate reality.

The letter from Bruce’s dad figures prominently in the Flashpoint story arc. In the reality reversal of Flashpoint, Bruce Wayne, not his parents, dies at the hand of Joe Chill. 

In the Flashpoint alternate universe, a graying Thomas Wayne becomes Gotham’s Batman. The Thomas Wayne version of Batman is more murderous and jaded than ever. Wayne Casino actually bankrolls this Batman’s brand of vigilante justice.

Thomas Wayne ultimately sacrifices himself to restore reality. Before he does, Thomas Wayne drafts this letter to Bruce and compels The Flash to deliver this letter to Bruce, who still lives in the original universe.

Barry Allen honors Thomas Wayne’s final wishes, and to this day, the letter remains a fixture of the Batcave.

13. Mr. Freeze’s Original Gun

Why does Batman keep Mr. Freeze’s weapons in the Batcave? Simple answer: Batman sometimes uses them for himself … and not just when the AC goes out.

In the The Dark Knight, Batman actually uses one of Mr. Freeze’s guns to pulverize the villain, Inque. Though that particular weapon didn’t survive their heated encounter, the new Batman is later shown to have several freeze-guns stored in the cave.

We also seen a handful of Victor Fries’ ice-guns in the Batman Beyond cave, where a much older Bruce Wayne stores them as souvenirs of his glory days gone by.

12. The Hood Of The Vampire Monk

No, not that Monk! Not Adrian Monk. The other mad Monk.

The vampiric Mad Monk has been one of Batman’s most vicious enemies throughout the Caped Crusader’s storied history. Debuting in Detective Comics issue #31 (see above), the Monk was only the second super-villain ever fought by Batman in publication history.

Using hypnosis as his weapon of choice, the blood-sucking Monk becomes the ultimate Gothic nightmare with his ability to become a werewolf. Batman fights the Monk all the way back to Transylvania.

In Transylvania, the Monk hides and waits in his castle like Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Batman riddles the Monk with silver bullets while asleep in his coffin.

Somewhat anti-climatic, right? That was then end of Batman’s first-ever multi-issue adventure.

Nevertheless, the shroud of the Vampire Monk remains enshrined in a glass case in the depths of the Batcave.

11. Jason Todd’s Costume

Jason Peter Todd has worn a lot of different costumes … and titles. Jason Todd first appeared in 1983’s Batman #357. He became the second Robin when the previous Robin, Dick Grayson, went on to star in The New Teen Titans as Nightwing.

Jason Todd was later killed at the hands of Joker then resurrected under the new title …

Red Hood.

DC Comics actually allowed fans to determine the fate of Jason Todd via a phone-based poll. The final numbers were 5343-5271 in favor of letting the Todd-Robin die at the hands of the Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime was allowed to beat him nearly to death with a crowbar. Joker finished him off with a time bomb.

Obviously, Batman never forgives himself for not saving his sidekick. (If only Batman knew it was his evil DC overlord that failed to save Robin.)

Batman keeps a constant reminder of this failure in the Batcave. Jason Todd’s costume is hung prominently in the Batcave along with other of Batman’s haunting reminders.

10. Vintage Batmobiles

Maybe this should be #1? Let Nerdatron know below if he has mis-tabulated this ranking.

The “lazy Susan” of Batmobiles:

The many incarnations of the Batmobile remain some the most iconic items in the Batcave … or any cave for that matter. Forget all the many costumes and mementos from past heroes and villains alike. The car collection may be Batman’s true pièce de résistance.

Can you see the Adam West “Batman 66” Batmobile? Batman must be keeping his emergency Shark-Repellent bat-spray at another location.

9. Mad Hatter’s Top Hat

What a hat, right?

Beware the hat with the crazy eyes …

Somehow Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland bled into the world of Batman. And the world is better for it.

The Mad Hatter of Alice in Wonderland – not the Johnny Depp version – began as the anti-social Jervis Tetch. Tetch was a gifted neuroscientist employed by Wayne Enterprises before he went a little mad. Mr. Tetch was crushing on a secretary named … Alice. The Mad Hatter tried to mind-control Alice away from her boyfriend and into Tetch’s loving arms. Then Batman swoops in …

Batman beats down the Mad Hatter’s lackeys one-by-one, all of whom are colorful characters from Alice in Wonderland.

Shockingly, the Mad Hatter breaks out of Arkham Asylum. After the Mad Hatter’s second defeat by Batman, the Caped Crusader adds Tetch’s top hat to the Batcave trophy room along with its signature 10/6 card.

Are you chomping at the bit for #8-#1 … is desire driving you *Batty*?

Tune back in for the rest… same Bat time, same Bat station!

What other trophies lurk in the Batcave? Tell us in the comments below!


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